Friday, April 24, 2009


As a cancer survivor I'm very interested in sharing my experience with only one intention, to make you think and take a test today and not tomorrow, because it could be to late. You have to love yourself and look after you health.
This saved my life as I have shared with you in my post "My women intuition saved my life Part I and part II. Most of men think this Blog is a women issue only, and I complete disagreed. All men either have a mum, a sister, or a daughter, a wife, or simply a woman that they care about.
After I recovered from my Breast Cancer, I began my research on how to prevent the cancer from coming back and protect my family from this disease.
I found out how important the food that we eat is in helping prevent cancer.That is why I wrote a Post about Raw Food, Berries, carrots and their properties. We have nothing to loose if we try to change the way we eat and put more attention in vegetables and fruits.
Today I found an interesting article, that I will now share with you... my friends...
A new study has found that people who eat large amounts of red and processed meat die younger.
The research, founded by the US Government, is the larges study of its kind ever conducted. It examined the diet and lifestyle of more than half a million people over a 10 years period, and found that the people who ate the most red and processed meat, including pork, had 30 per cent increase risk of death compared to people who ate the least.
The researches suggested that the increase in risk of death among red and processed meat eaters may have something to do with the types of iron in meat, the type of fat or the cooking and processing methods.
Taking in to account other risk factors, like smoking, family history of cancer and weight, researchers believe that around one in ten deaths could be prevented if people simply ate less red meat.
This latest study adds to a growing body of evidence that diets high in red meat contribute to disease. In contrast, diets based predominantly on nature's whole plants foods, including fruits, vegetables, wholegrain, nuts, seeds and legumes, have been shown to reduce disease risk and extend both, Length and quality of life.
This is only one of many studies showing that people who eat processed meat like sausages, salami and bacon, have the highest risk of developing cancer, so it's a good idea to avoid them. Try replacing them with more salad, legumes and vegies.
If you do eat meat, try to eat less. One way is to increase the vegetables and legumes in your pasta sauces or try vegetables fritters instead of hamburgers. Another idea is to start with one meat-free day each week and increase the number as you get comfortable with cooking different meals.
By focusing more on fruits, vegetables, wholegrain, nuts, seed and legumes, you feel better, and according to the research, you are likely to live longer as well.
-Consider reducing the amount of meat eaten.
The World Cancer Research Fund, suggest limiting intake to less than 80gr, per day, which is equivalent to the size of a deck of cards.
(Sanitarium Nutritionist
Cathy McDonals
Body and Soul 2009)


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  2. It is also advisable to have friends to help one to change bad habits

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  5. it is a great pleasure to read your blog because there are so few people in world who spread awareness about things which they had faced and want others not to face them because they know how difficult to cope with such circumstances. i owe you mam and i must say may my ALLAH Almighty bless you to live very long and healthy life amin.

  6. Food to choose for eating is very very important to live for long life. Eat sth wrong can harm the health.

    Thanks for sharing the useful article,Sister Kika!

    Keep in reading!

  7. very informative, many readers will learn a lot of things from your blog keep it up,thanks for visiting and following me, I just followed you, take care!

  8. Very interesting and good blog. Keep on posting and sharing such information with us.

  9. Very important to get this kind of information from the horse's mouth. It inspires hope and confidence. I'm a vegetarian and eat mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Am in my 60s and feel just great.

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  11. Your tips are great. My family is always debating with me about pork. I stopped eating pork about six years ago, and feel so much healthier. For dinner, I will eat more vegetables and potatoes than meat. Now I can show them your post. Although there is no point in showing my mother, because she will rant about the everything gives you cancer (because she loves her pork)

  12. Very good advice about red meat but if you eat almost a vegetarian diet you should also take Vitamin B12. Women who have had breast cancer are usually very low on vitamin B12 and it is very difficult to get sufficent from food. A powdered B12 supplement that you place under your tongue is best. I have just written a blog on nutrition and cancer

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