Friday, March 20, 2009


During the normal cycle of a female's menstruation a folicular cyst forms, this generally forms every month. If a normal cycle occurs, and the female remains unpregnate during ovulation the follicular cyst is converted into what is called a corpus luteum, as the formed ovum (female egg) is release from ovarius. The ovum is carried through the fallopian tubes, into the uterus, and the follicular cyst on the ovaries disappears, this is normal.
What is wrong, a cyst is basically due to a hormonal imbalance. Although the body is producing enough of the hormone oestrogen a second hormone called progesterone is not being produced enough to complete the release of the egg, or the ability to the egg to become fertilised once released.
If the ovum does not release during a normal cycle, and stays inside the ovary, this cyst can potencially grow inside the ovary. If this cyst enlarges it may become a problem.
Symptoms: A swollen abdomen, nauseas, painful sexual intercourse, go to the toilet more frecuently, irregular and painful periods, hevier or lighter bleeding menstruation, compared to what has always appeared as, the norm,of your cycles.
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